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Twitter BirdWhat is TwitterAutomate?

TwitterAutomate is a powerful twitter tool that any webmaster would want to add to their arsenal of tools. TwitterAutomate uses some of todays highest web based technology to bring you complete automation of your twitter account(s) and campaigns. All you have to do is set it, forget it, and let TwitterAutomate do all those annoying daily tasks for you all on pure autopilot!

Check out some of the screenshots...

Twitter BirdWho Uses TwitterAutomate?

Everyone! No matter who you are, you will want to use TwitterAutomate to help you populate and build your followers list to it's max.


Take a look at TwitterAutomate phenomenal features...

Twitter BirdAutomatically follow targeted users based on your keywords - You choose your niche of users you want to follow. Easy to use interface to allow you to add the keywords you need to target your audience.

Twitter BirdSet it, forget it, and let it run! - Built in settings to allow you to perform specific tasks for specific days, ALL ON PURE AUTOPILOT! Just set your daily task settings and have TwitterAutomate add new followers daily or weekly, Send out automated direct messages to new followers every hour on the hours, Automatically follow back users who are following you daily, Automatically unfollow users who are not following you back daily, Have automatic tweets scheduled to tweet to always keep your account looking active, Plus many other settings!



Twitter BirdAuto Message Sender - Automatically have TwitterAutomate check on your account every hour on the hour for new followers and have a message sent out automatically to all your new followers! NEW! Just added 05/22/09

Twitter Bird What Will You Be Doing Feature- Have your twitter account auto update with your "What are you doing status" to constantly keep your account looking active even when you are not around. Input as many status updates with the date and time you would like it to say. TwitterAutomate will do the rest for you ALL ON AUTOPILOT! coming soon

Twitter BirdAdd, Delete, and Edit multiple twitter accounts - Even if you only have one twitter account to as much as 10000 twitter accounts, you can easily add, delete, and manage all your accounts in one easy platform.

Twitter Bird Time Delay - Want to keep your twitter account safe from being deleted, place a time delay to ensure your accounts safety. Twitter does not like automated bots because of the high results it can bring you. With the time delay, it looks as if it is a human doing all the work.

Twitter Bird Twitter Warner - Think you are overdoing it? well you might or might not be. TwitterAutomate has a built in warning feature that will let you know if you are over doing it to help keep your account safe and secured.

Twitter Bird Unfollow Twitter Users - It is real important that you are following active twitter users. You do not want a list of people you are following that do not follow you back. To keep your list with active followers, you can set the unfollower to unfollow those that are not active.

Twitter BirdReal Time Viewer - Want to see what TwitterAutomate is doing? you can see exactly what TwitterAutomate is doing as it is working it's magic!

Twitter Bird Bulk Keyword Grabber - Grab keywords in bulk, no more grabbing keywords one by one, that just takes forever! TwitterAutomate allows you to input as many kaywords as possible.

Twitter is predicted to be the next top social networking site on the internet with the most page views per month. Take a look at this screen shot below on where twitter stands compared to Facebook, and Myspace.

Traffic shot

As you can see, Twitter is fairly new and constantly climbing the charts. That is why you need to get involved in twitter NOW! and with the help of TwitterAutomate software, you will be twitting with a breeze.

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